Ashes Reunited

Ashes Reunited

Earlier this month, A.R. Adams Funeral Directors were contacted by a lady from a local charity shop. The lady had been sorting through boxes of anonymously donated books and had discovered a plastic urn of cremated remains.

The only details with the cremated remains were the name tag on them, identifying who they were. The charity shop worker was unsure of what to do so she contacted us for some advice. Unable to keep them at the Charity Shop we offered the lady the option of us looking after the ashes in our cremated remains storage area.  We collected the ashes and then begun some detective work to try and find their rightful home.

Detective Work

As a long standing company with records back to the 1930’s we first searched our records for the name that was attached to the ashes hoping we’d carried out the funeral and that we had records of a family member. Unfortunately this search came up blank, telling us that A.R.Adams didn’t carry out the funeral service and that we’d have to continue our search elsewhere.

The ashes were those of a lady, our thinking was that if the lady had been married she may have a surviving spouse who we could trace and contact, so we turned the search to marriage records. We found an entry for a marriage in her name which led us to her husband’s information.  Using the husband’s details we searched the electoral register to try and find his address.  The electoral register worked, giving us an address for her husband.  We visited the address but could see that it was empty and part way through being cleared out.

The house could’ve been cleared due to a house move or the gentleman could have died.  This gave us two possible pathways to explore.  We started first on the assumption that he’d died.  We had his name and knew that we had not carried out his service, so it was then a case of trying to find where his funeral took place, if at all.  This turned out to the be the right assumption to make, our search turned up details of his death and subsequent funeral service.  We tracked down the funeral service provider and via them, we were able to get a message to his family and explain what had happened.

The lady’s ashes were reunited with her family and the happy ending is that both the lady’s ashes and those of her husband are now going to be buried together.



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