Pre-Need Funeral Plans

Pre-Need Funerals

Pre-arranging your funeral or pre-arranging your direct cremation, with our guaranteed disbursement, pre-need funeral plans, allows you to fix the costs of your service and takes the weight from your family’s shoulders, giving you peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

As your local, family run, independent funeral director, A.R. Adams offers comprehensive pre-need funeral plans that cover your funeral costs, as specified in the plan paperwork, as long as we carry out the funeral and your requirements don’t change.

The benefits of taking out a pre-need funeral plan include:

  • Pre-arrange the details of your funeral and include any special wishes
  • Make financial provisions for your funeral
  • Choose your funeral director in advance

Our A.R. Adams pre-need funeral plans are available to UK residents. There are no complicated medical forms to complete. You can also appoint a nominated representative who we will keep informed about your plan, according to your instructions.

Our plans cover your funeral costs (as specified in the plan paperwork) as long as we carry out the funeral and your requirements don’t change.

All funeral plan pre-payments are held in individual whole-of-life assurance policies which are backed by a trusted, national provider. Our funeral plans are provided by Ecclesiastical Planning Services Limited, which is part of a specialist, UK-based financial services group.

Trusted Provider

Our pre-paid funeral plans are provided by a trusted national provider, Ecclesiastical Planning Services.

As one of the UK’s leading funeral plan providers and part of a specialist, UK-based financial services group, Ecclesiastical Planning Services has supported pre-payment funeral plans since 2006. When you take out a funeral plan with A.R. Adams, Ecclesiastical Planning Services arranges for the funds to beheld in an individual whole of life assurance policy.

The full value of your plan, excluding the management/administration fee, is ring-fenced and cannot be used for anything but your funeral when the time comes.

Ecclesiastical Planning Services is part of a large Group that gives available profits to charity. In addition, Ecclesiastical Planning Services is recognised by the National Association of Funeral Directors for treating customers fairly. (2022)

Ecclesiastical Planning


How Are Your Funds Held?

All funeral plan funds are held within an individual whole of life assurance policy.

Flexible payment options

You can choose to pay for your funeral plan by lump sum or in instalments. There is an additional cost for paying over two or more years and eligibility criteria applies. Please refer to the terms and conditions for more information. You can also speak to A.R. Adams for a personalised quote.

Once your funeral plan is in place, you’ll receive a welcome booklet containing the details of your plan and your funeral plan certificate. Your nominated representative will also receive a copy if you request this.

Cancellation Policies

Plans paid for by one lump sum payment can be cancelled at anytime.  If cancelled within 30 days of taking out the plan, a full refund will be given.  If cancelled after 30 days a full refund, minus Ecclesiastical’s administration fee will be given.

Plans being paid for by instalments can be cancelled within one year and a full refund will be given.  If cancelled after one year a refund of all payments made minus the Ecclesiastical administration fee and any payments to insure an plan payment protection, will be given.

What is a pre-need funeral?

A pre-need funeral is a funeral arrangement made in advance of one’s passing. It involves planning and paying for funeral services and related expenses before the actual need arises.

What services can be included in a pre-need funeral plan?

A pre-need funeral plan can include various services, such as burial or cremation arrangements, casket or urn selection, memorial service details, transportation, and more. The services can be personalised based on individual wishes.

Who is Eligible?

No, pre-need funeral plans can be established by any individuals who are 18+.  For instalment plans payable over 2 years or more, the final instalment must be paid by your 85th birthday. There are no medical or health questions to answer.

What if I change my mind about the pre-need funeral arrangements?

If an individual changes their mind about the arrangements, they can work with A.R. Adams to modify the plan and select alternative services that align with their current preferences. There may be an additional cost if you add new features and services to your plan.

Can I Pay By Instalments?

Yes, you are able to pay over a range of periods. There is an additional cost for paying by instalments over two or more years. Eligibility criteria applies. Please refer to the instalment Q&A and the terms and conditions or give us a call to discuss the options.

We are an Appointed Representative of Ecclesiastical Planning Services Limited Reg. No. 2644860, registered in England at Benefact House, 2000 Pioneer Avenue, Gloucester Business Park, Brockworth, Gloucester, GL3 4AW, UK, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Firm Reference Number 958152. The Financial Conduct Authority regulates pre-paid funeral plans only.


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