Green Funerals

Green Funerals

Returning to nature with a green funeral. Unspoilt landscapes, peaceful surroundings, family involvement.  There are many reasons to choose a more natural funeral service.

A.R.Adams are able to carry out Green Funeral Services and are recommended by the Natural Death Centre and The Good Funeral Guide.

Some families wish to have a fully green service selecting a natural burial ground and either a eco coffin or simply just a shroud. Whilst other families choose to select elements of a green funeral and incorporate them into a more traditional service.

Whether you would like our assistance in arranging a unique ‘back to nature’ service or if you would like ideas on how to incorporate some natural elements into a more traditional service, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Burial Grounds

Green Burial Grounds

There are many local green burial grounds, or cemeteries with woodland sections, these include:

Eco Coffins

Eco Coffins

There are many types of eco coffin or shroud available.  Choices include willow, pandanus, banana and bamboo. Visit our eco coffin gallery.

Wild Seeds

Ideas for a Green Funeral

A nice idea at a green funeral service is to distribute packets of wild seeds to each person who is there.  They can take the seeds home and plant them in their garden in honour of their relative or friend.

Tandem Hearse

Tandem Hearse

With no fumes generated, the tandem bicycle hearse is a great mode of transportation for a green funeral service.  It can be cycled to the burial ground by close family or friends.

Electric Hearse

Eco Hearse

The Eco Hearse is a great choice for green funerals.  With a less formal look than the traditional hearse it also reduces the carbon footprint.


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