Death Registration

Funeral Costs

At A.R. Adams the funeral account is split into three parts; The funeral director’s fees, which are our professional services to you, Disbursements, which are third party fees paid by us on you behalf and Additional Services which a family may or may not incur.

A.R.Adams Professional Fees

Our professional fees include:

  • Offering advice and guidance by telephone, email, writing and in person on all matters related to death registration, funeral arrangements, bereavement support, final resting places etc.
  • Making the funeral arrangements, liaising with all third parties: church, clergy/officiant, crematorium, doctors, additional services etc.
  • The collection, transfer and housing of the deceased.
  • Issuing payments to all third parties on your behalf.
  • Completing all statutory and non-statutory paperwork.
  • Setting up and the administration of any In Memory Donations.
  • Our staff attendance on the day of the service and the provision of the hearse.

For cremation our fees also include:

  • The collection, logging and storage of cremated remains.
  • Arranging the interment / scattering / decanting of ashes.

Online Estimate


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Disbursements are third party costs. A.R. Adams do not add any additional charges to disbursement costs. Third party costs should be the same whichever funeral director you use.  A.R. Adams will pay all third party costs on your behalf and these will be shown itemised on your final invoice.

Third Party costs include:

  • Crematorium, Cemetery and Church Fees
  • Funeral Celebrant or Minister’s Fee
  • Doctors Certificates for Cremation
  • Organist / Choir Fees
  • Press Notices

Additional Services

Additional services are those items which a family may opt for that carry a third party cost. These could include items such as:

  • A Horse Drawn Hearse and Pair
  • Orders of Service
  • White Doves
  • New Orleans Jazz Band
  • Alternative style hearse


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