Direct Cremation – Low-Cost Funeral Options

With direct cremation (unattended cremations and reflective services), we can offer low-cost funeral options from our funeral directors in Southend, Benfleet and Rayleigh, covering all the surrounding areas.

A direct cremation service allows you to personalise a memorial service at a later date or in a more appropriate setting, with fewer time restrictions. It keeps funeral costs low and is a good option for small families or groups. It’s a ‘no fuss’ option for people who don’t want a funeral service.  A.R. Adams Funeral Directors Ltd are proud to offer a variety of Direct Cremation options and offer services without restricting coffin choice or chapel visitation.  Our service to you includes our high level of care along with our professional services of completing all the relevant paperwork and access to our 24 Hour telephone care.


Price includes all fees. Direct Cremation takes place at a Westerleigh Group Crematorium.

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Price includes all fees. Cremation takes place at Basildon or Southend Crematorium (£2472).

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Price includes all fees. Attended Cremation at Southend Crematorium.

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Price includes all fees. Service and cremation taking place at Basildon Crematorium.

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With funeral directions in Southend, Benfleet and Rayleigh,
we are also able to cover a wider local area including Rochford, Hockley, Hadleigh, and Thundersley.

How Does Direct Cremation Work ?

  • When a person passes away, they will be transferred into our care and will be looked after at one of our secure chapels of rest in either Rayleigh or Thorpe Bay, Southend.
  • Our experienced staff will speak with the deceased’s representative, assisting with registration procedures.  Our staff will complete all of the required paperwork for cremation. – If required arrangements can be made over the phone and via email, or post.
  • A suitable coffin will be provided and a cremation will be booked. (For those wishing to attend the crematorium, a date will be set.  Those opting for a Simple Cremation or an Unattended service will not be made aware of the date.)
  • When selecting any option other than Simple Direct Cremation, on the day of cremation, the deceased will be conveyed to the crematorium in our Jaguar hearse.  They will be respectfully carried into the crematorium chapel by our full-time staff.  For those opting to attend the service, our staff will meet you at the crematorium.
  • Once the cremation has taken place, the deceased’s personal representative will be notified and they are welcome to visit our office to collect the cremated remains.


Private Chapel of Rest

We look after the deceased in our on-site mortuaries and chapels of rest. We don’t use industrial hubs or storage facilities.

Local Crematoria

For every service other than the Simple Direct Cremation we always use a local crematoria ensuring the deceased isn’t transported across the country.

Traditional Hearse

When selecting any service other than the Simple direct cremation, the deceased is conveyed to the Crematorium in our traditional hearse, not in an unmarked van or private ambulance.

Handling of Cremated Remains

We bring the ashes into our care after the service allowing you time to collect them.  We offer advice and guidance on what can be done with cremated remains.  We offer a full service instead of just leaving you to collect the ashes from the crematorium.

Dignified Send Off

When selecting any direct cremation option other than the Simple Direct Cremation our Direct Cremations are carried out in the same way as a traditional funeral service in as much as the coffin is carried into the chapel on our shoulders, not wheeled in on a trolley.


Can I pre-arrange a direct cremation for myself?

Yes, pre-arranging direct cremation is possible. A.R. Adams offers pre-need planning services to allow individuals to make arrangements in advance. Pre-arranging your direct cremation allows you to fix the costs of your service and takes the weight from your family’s shoulders, giving you peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

Can I still have a memorial service with direct cremation?

Yes, you can absolutely have a memorial service or gathering after the direct cremation has taken place. This allows you to honour the deceased person’s memory in a way that suits your preferences. The memorial service could be held at home, out in the open, in a social club or even the local pub.

How is the deceased transported to the crematorium?

The transportation of the deceased to the crematorium will vary depending on the option chosen.  With any option other than the Simple Direct Cremation, we convey the deceased in our Jaguar hearse, dedicated to them alone, ensuring that they travel their last journey in a respectful and dignified manner.

Can I still have a viewing before the direct cremation?

While Simple direct cremation does not typically involve formal viewings, with our other direct cremation options A.R. Adams can offers both closed and open coffin chapel visits. An additional fee for this service will be charged.

Can I provide floral tributes for the service?

A.R. Adams does not restrict personal touches for direct cremations, such as family placing personal mementoes with the deceased, or providing floral tributes for the day from a florist of your choice. When visiting our offices to make arrangements we will discuss the different options available.

Is embalming required with direct cremation?

Embalming is not typically required for direct cremation. It’s one of the reasons why direct cremation is less expensive than traditional services. However, if embalming is preferred, it is available at an additional cost.

Good Funeral Guide

A.R. Adams won the Good Funeral Guide award for UK Funeral Director of The Year in 2015. The Good Funeral Guide recommend us for our Direct Cremation services and has written more about direct cremation on their website.

National Association of Funeral Directors

A.R.Adams are approved members of The National Association of Funeral Directors.

Natural Death Centre

The Natural Death Centre offer independent advice on all funeral related matters.  They are familiar with Direct Cremation and can also assist you with any questions.


As your local funeral director in RayleighSouthend, and Benfleet we are here to help and advise you in whatever way we can.
We are dedicated professionals who provide a personal service to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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