Transferring The Deceased

transferring the deceased

Part of our service to you includes the transfer and care of the deceased. When a person is transferred into our care they reside in one of our Chapels of Rest which are located at both our Funeral Directors in Southend and our Funeral Directors in Rayleigh.  We do not use off-site hubs or storage facilities.

Depending on where the death occurred will depend on the procedure for bringing the deceased into our care. Should you need assistance at any time of day or night please contact us on 01268 743102 (Rayleigh) or 01702 586383 (Thorpe Bay).

For sudden and unexpected deaths the Coroner’s team will attend.  The deceased will be transferred to the local hospital. You are still welcome to call us to inform us of the death, we can then guide you with regard to the Coroner’s procedures.

24 Hour Service

If someone has died and you require our assistance please contact us on our
24-hour telephone numbers Rayleigh: 01268 743102 or Southend: 01702 586383

From A Home Address

If you are entrusting A.R.Adams to carry out the funeral arrangements then our service to you will start when you first call us.  A representative of the company will ask you for the name and location of the deceased and whether or not a doctor or other medical practitioner has confirmed that the death has occurred. Your name and address will be taken and a time of arrival will be agreed.

We will always strive to be with you within an hour of your making contacting with us, unless you specify that you would like more time.

Two members of our staff will arrive at the address and will explain the next steps of the process to you before transferring the deceased into our company’s care. The deceased will be brought to either our private chapel of rest in Rayleigh High Street or our private chapel of rest in The Broadway, Thorpe Bay.

Once the deceased has been taken into our care and the death has been registered, the funeral director will need to be contacted again during office hours in order to make an appointment to discuss the forthcoming funeral arrangements.

From The Hospital

If the death occurred in hospital or if the deceased was taken into the care of the Coroner,  the deceased will remain in the hospital mortuary until all the relevant medical certificates and paperwork have been issued.

If the death was expected the doctor will issue a medical certificate of cause of death. Once this has been issued, the hospital bereavement suite will contact the next of kin to arrange an appointment to register the death.  The Registrar will issue a Certificate of Burial or Cremation and a Hospital Release form.

Once all the required forms have been issued, A.R. Adams can then make arrangements to transfer the deceased into our care.

Sudden Death

If a person has died unexpectedly they will be taken to the hospital mortuary by the coroner’s contracted team.  This will be a contract funeral director.  Their service to you ends as soon as they have transferred the deceased into the Coroner’s care.

You are welcome to contact us straight away to inform us of the death and we will guide you with regard to the Coroner’s procedures and forthcoming funeral arrangements.


As your local funeral director in Rayleigh, Southend, and Benfleet we are here to help and advise you in whatever way we can.
We are dedicated professionals who provide a personal service to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

01268 743102 for Rayleigh or 01702 586383 for Thorpe Bay