Would You Have a Direct Cremation?

Would You Have a Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation has existed for years.  It is the act of a cremation being carried out, without the preceding service.

Direct cremation came into the limelight in 2016 when David Bowie died and opted out of the traditional funeral ceremony, instead choosing a direct cremation.

It is a choice that unfortunately and wrongly carries some stigma to it.  This blog post aims to break down that stigma and reinforce direct cremation as a dignified option.  An option that is not only low cost, but one that allows you to become more involved and arrange a more fitting ‘send off’ for the deceased.

Lower Costs

Direct cremations are usually half the price of a traditional funeral service.  The average funeral in the UK costs approximately £4500.00 – this is before any kind of catering or post funeral gathering is accounted for.

Fewer Time Restrictions

Direct cremation can give the family more options.  Instead of attending a crematorium chapel for the service and being restricted by time, date and availability, the family can host a memorial service in a more relaxed and relevant setting.

  • Arrange a gathering in their local pub
  • Meet at their favourite restaurant for a family meal
  • Arrange a weekend away to a favourite spot
  • Have a party at home in their honour

Important To Note

Because direct cremation does not include a formal funeral or any pre-funeral services, many of the costs of a traditional funeral are avoided.  It is worth noting that direct cremations come with the following limitations:  The family will not be made aware of the date of cremation, no family attendance permitted, no embalming or dressing carried out, no chapel visitation can take place, no in memory donations, no floral tributes.

How Does Direct Cremation Work ?

  • The deceased will be transferred into our care, either from their home, nursing home or hospital. (Within a 50 Mile Radius) *additional £100.00 charge if out of office hours.
  • The next of kin or executor registers the death.
  • The funeral director liaises with the next of kin or executor and completes all the relevant paperwork needed for a cremation.
  • The funeral director speaks with the deceased’s GP to arrange the required doctor’s certificates for cremation.
  • A suitable coffin is provided.
  • The deceased is taken to the crematorium in a hearse, our full team of funeral operatives respectfully carry the deceased into the crematorium chapel, the coffin is placed on the catafalque, the committal takes place and the cremation is then carried out.
  • The family are not notified of the date of the cremation; instead they are contacted that afternoon by the funeral director who will inform them that the cremation has taken place.
  • The deceased’s representative can collect the cremated remains from A.R. Adams.
  • The family can then arrange a personal memorial service or scattering service at a location more suitable to them.

Service Ideas


A picnic gathering in the woods
Meet in the woods, set up a picnic table.  Take it in turns to share stories and memories of the person. Scatter their ashes in an informal and personal ceremony.

Memorial Dinner Party

A Memorial Dinner Party
Host a dinner party or afternoon tea at home or in a favourite restaurant.  Raise a glass in their name and make more memories together as a family.


An Evening Party with Firework Display
Throw a party at home in the person’s honour. End the night with a ‘Scattering Ashes Firework Display’. Heavenly Stars Fireworks based in Colchester, Essex had their product showcased on the BBC.  Visit their website for more information.


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