In Memory Donations

In Memory Donations

As well as, or in place of floral tributes, some families like to request that donations in memory of a loved one be left to a specific charity.

A.R. Adams is in a position to set up and manage the full donations account on the family’s behalf. When instructing A.R. Adams to look after your family’s charitable donations you can choose either a traditional account or an online account. Most accounts will be kept open for approximately 6 weeks after the funeral service to allow family and friends plenty of time to make a donation.

Traditional Account

If requested we can take a donations box to the service so that any donations made on the day of the funeral can be collected.  The donations box will be brought back to our offices where we will list all the donations made.

We will collate the monies received on your behalf for approximately 6 weeks. At which time, we close the account sending all monies off to the selected charity. We will also ask the charity to write to you, confirming that they have received the donations.

Once the account is closed and the donations have been sent to the charity, we will inform our client and will forward them a list of those who contributed along with any sympathy cards or message received.

Charitable Cash Donations

Cash donations for the family’s nominated charities made at the service will be collected and added to their donations account. Charitable cash donations can also be brought into our offices in the weeks before or after the funeral service.

Charitable Cheque Donations

Anyone wishing to send a charitable donation via cheque is welcome to send it directly to A.R. Adams with an accompanying note. The note should say who the donation is in memory of and who it is from.

Cheques can be made payable to :
A.R. Adams Ltd Donation Account.’ All charitable cheque donations received will be added to the persons account along with any accompanying message.

A.R.Adams (Funeral Directors) Ltd
117 High Street, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7QA
141-143 The Broadway, Thorpe Bay, Essex, SS1 3EX

Online Account

A.R. Adams are able to set up a personalised memorial page online.  Family and friends can visit the page, leave messages and make donations online.  The page can also be used as a way of announcing the funeral service.

The online pages are a great way to share photos, memories and is a much easier way for those donating to claim gift aid.  The money goes directly to the selected charities and the family can visit the page to read any messages left by those who’ve donated.

Funeral Announcements & Online Donations

Search for the name of your family member or friend to find their tribute page.  View details of their funeral service, leave a message for their family and make donations to their chosen charity directly online.