Coffins and Caskets

As an independent company, A.R. Adams is not limited to one supplier of coffin.  There are many choices of coffin and casket available.

During the funeral arrangements, we will speak with you about your choice of coffin and find the most suitable option available.  We don’t pressurise clients into purchasing the most expensive choice, instead, we speak with you about your needs and explore the available options with you.

Traditional Coffins

Traditional Coffins

View our selection of traditional veneer and solid coffins and caskets.

Colourful Coffins

Colourful Coffins

A colourful or bespoke coffin can help reflect a person’s character and can really personalise the service.  There are a vast number of pre-designed options available, alternatively, you can create a bespoke design.

Eco Coffins

Eco Coffins

Eco coffins are sustainably sourced and can include bamboo, willow and pandanus.

Wool Coffins


Made from Hainsworth wool and reinforced with recycled cardboard, the wool coffins are a softer alternative to wooden coffins.


The process of assisting families in selecting a coffin is a delicate and profound part of our role as funeral directors. It involves understanding the emotional and practical aspects that surround this important decision. Families come to us seeking solace and guidance, and it’s our duty to help them navigate this choice with empathy and expertise.

When presenting coffin options, we consider a range of factors – personal preferences, cultural or religious traditions, budget constraints, and environmental considerations. We showcase an array of designs, materials, and finishes, aiming to provide options that suit diverse tastes and honour the memory of the departed. From traditional wooden coffins to eco-friendly alternatives, we educate families about the available choices. Whether it’s a classic design, a sleek modern style, or a customised piece, we ensure it aligns with the unique life and character of the deceased.

Our approach is rooted in compassion, aiming to ease the burden on grieving families during this challenging time. We provide a supportive environment, answer questions, and provide all the necessary information to empower families to make a decision that feels right for them. The ultimate goal is to facilitate a dignified farewell that brings comfort and a sense of closure to those left behind.


As your local funeral director in Rayleigh, Southend, and Benfleet we are here to help and advise you in whatever way we can.
We are dedicated professionals who provide a personal service to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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