Arranging A Funeral

Whether the funeral arrangements are to be for burial or cremation, you can call us to arrange an appointment to discuss the forthcoming funeral. The arrangements can be made at our Funeral Directors in Southend or at our Funeral Directors in Rayleigh or if you prefer we can attend at your home.

Arranging a funeral is a challenging and emotional task that involves several important steps to ensure a meaningful and respectful farewell for a loved one. It’s essential to communicate openly with family members and loved ones during this process, respecting each other’s preferences and feelings to ensure a meaningful and respectful funeral.

The funeral arranger will ensure that all the legal documentation that is required is completed. They will also contact a minister or funeral officiant and will make the necessary arrangements at the crematorium, cemetery or church (as required). Details such as the funeral cars, choice of coffin, and the care and preparation of the deceased will be discussed with you at this time.


Funeral Cars

Funeral Cars

A.R. Adams has a fleet of gun-metal grey Jaguars. There are many alternative options available.

Funeral Locations

Funeral Locations

This page details the local and most commonly used funeral service locations.

Floral Tributes

Floral Tributes

A.R. Adams are happy to receive floral tributes on the day of the funeral from a florist of your choice.


Ministers and Celebrants

A.R. Adams will assist you to find a suitable minister or celebrant for the service.

Family Bearers

Family Bearers

Often family members will express the wish to assist our bearers with the carrying.

Visual Tributes

Basildon Crematorium

Creating a photo slideshow or video tribute helps in sharing the stories and memories of a person’s life.

Coffins & Caskets

Traditional Coffins

A.R. Adams offer many choices with a full range of traditional, eco and bespoke coffins and caskets.

Visiting The Chapel

Visiting The Chapel

Family and friends often wish to visit the deceased in our Chapel of Rest and are welcome to do so.

Funeral Music

Funeral Music

Whether you would like an organist, recorded music, a choir, or a marching jazz band; A.R. Adams will assist you.

What are the first steps to take when arranging a funeral?

The initial steps often include determining the type of funeral (burial or cremation), establishing a budget, deciding on the location and details of the service, and discussing the plans with any immediate family of the deceased.

What are the legal requirements for arranging a funeral?

The process includes registering the death, obtaining the death certificate, and complying with local regulations related to burial or cremation. A.R. Adams funeral directors can guide you through the legal requirements.

Can I pre-plan or pre-pay for a funeral?

Yes, you can pre-plan a funeral to outline your preferences and wishes and pre-pay to reduce the financial burden on your family. Pre-need funerals allow individuals to make decisions regarding their funeral preferences and can be tailored to an individual’s preferences and budget.

How much does a funeral typically cost?

Funeral costs vary widely based on location, chosen services, type of casket or urn, transportation, and additional options. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for a funeral grant through the government’s Funeral Expenses Payment scheme.

Can I personalise the funeral service?

Yes, you can personalise the service with music, readings, eulogies, and other elements that reflect the personality and beliefs of the deceased. A.R. Adams Funeral Directors can help you tailor the service accordingly.

Can the service be held somewhere other than a place of worship?

Yes, funeral services can be held at various locations beyond traditional funeral homes or places of worship. Families have the flexibility to choose a setting that aligns with the wishes and personality of the deceased. It’s important to communicate with the chosen venue and ensure they can accommodate the funeral service.

Recommended Funeral Director

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National Association of Funeral Directors
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