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Would You Have a Direct Cremation?

Transferring The Deceased
Direct cremation has existed for years.  It is the act of a cremation being carried out, without the preceding service. Direct cremation came into the limelight in 2016 when David Bowie died and opted out of the traditional funeral ceremony, instead choosing a direct cremation.

A.R. Adams Supporting Local Projects

Are you part of a local group, association or charity? Would your group benefit from a donation award? A.R. Adams Funeral Directors based in Rayleigh and Southend (Thorpe Bay) are looking to support four local groups/associations.  Each of the four will receive a lump sum donation from A.R. Adams.

Ashes Reunited

Earlier this month, A.R.Adams Funeral Directors were contacted by a lady from a local charity shop who had found a set of cremated remains among some donated books.

Family Business of The Year 2019

A.R. Adams Funeral Directors have been shortlisted for Family Business United’s, Family Business of The Year Award.